Bottle Copies

Bottle Copies


Our Bottle Copies are described in the following link and are used for research purposes only and only for personal use, not to be used for diagnostics or treatment. We provide these as a service to those that enjoy sitting at home playing with their Syncrometer® and might need more items to experiment with.

Bottle copying is a technique discovered by Dr. Hulda Clark that will suffuse the frequencies of a particular item into water.  There is a similarity between this procedure and homeopathics.  This technique is called, "homeography" whereas the frequencies are being electronically "patterned" into the water.  It is possible to verify the presence of the frequency in the water by Syncrometer®

You must be very careful not to set your drops near a magnet.  The magnetic field destroys the pattern in them.  You must be careful not to freeze any bottles.  It causes them to become jumbled, and resonating with all others.  Don't even refrigerate them.

Kidney Protective Drops

Kidney drops.JPG

  • Left Kidney
  • Right Kidney
  • Left Kidney/White Blood Cells (WBC)
  • Right Kidney/WBC
  • Lymph

Item #CTS 011 ~ $34.00

Immune Weapon Kit



  • Benzoquinone (BQ)
  • Rhodizonic acid (RZ)
  • Glyoxal (G)
  • Glyoxylic acid (GA)

Item #CTS 012 ~ $28.00

Kidney Take-Out Drops

take-out drops.JPG

Kidney take-out drops are kits designed to remove toxins from the kidneys and the kidney's WBC. Each kit contains 5 bottles with the specified toxin take-out from: right kidney, left kidney, right kidney/White blood cell(WBC), left kidney/WBC, and lymph. 

Heavy metals out of Kidney set:   Item #CTS 014 ~ $34.00

Dyes out of Kidney set:   Item #CTS 013 ~ $34.00

Wheel bearing grease out of Kidney set: Item #CTS 015 ~ $34.00

Organ Support Drops


  Individual Bottle copies may be purchased for $6.50 each.  Please add to your cart the number of copies you wish to purchase and list in the comments box which copies you desire.  You may also forward an email to us with your list after purchasing them.



Crista ampullaris


Optic nerve

Tooth (general)

Heart (entire)



Atherosclerosis coronary artery

Artery vein capillaries

Adrenal glands

Islets of Langerhans

Parathyroid gland

Pineal body

Pituitary gland

Thyroid gland

Breast / Mammary gland (Left)

Breast / Mammary gland (Right)


Ovary (left)

Ovary (right)


Uterine tube fimbria and ampulla

Fallopian tube isthmus

Fallopian Tube fimbria

Fallopian tube mallory

Uterine tube (left)

Uterine tube (right)




Arterial group "A"

B-lymphocytes (CD37+)


Lymph node (generic)

Lymph vessel valve

Lymphatic fluid

Lymphatic group "L"

Macrophages (CD14+)

Mixed White Blood Cells (WBC)


Red blood cells (RBC)

Red Bone marrow


T-lymphocytes (CD4+)

T-lymphocytes (CD8+)





Seminal vesicle


Spermatic cord (artery & vein)

Testicle (left)

Testicle (right)


Vas deferens

Brain (entire)


Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

Cerebrum (Entire)

Lumbar spinal cord

Spinal cord

Spinal ganglion


Left lower jaw quadrant (Composite)

Left upper jaw quadrant (Composite)

Palatine tonsil

Pharyngeal tonsil adenoid

Right lower jaw quadrant (Composite)

Right upper jaw quadrant (Composite)


Left Lung

Right Lung


Bone (Generic Composite)

Skeletal muscle

Scar tissue

Skin (entire body)



Kidney (left)

Kidney (right)

Kidneys (Left & Right)

Left Kidney/WBC

Right Kidney/WBC

Arteries & Veins


Cartilage composite


White fibro-cartilage

Muscle composite

Muscle-tendon connection

Muscle-bone connection

Skeletal muscle diaphragm



Parotid gland

Peyer’s patches

Recto-anal junction




Bile duct

Colon (composite)


Ileo-caecal junction



Liver (composite)

Liver (left lobe)

Liver (right lobe)

Lower duodenum

Esophagus-stomach junction

Upper esophagus

Lower esophagus


Simple Squamous epithelium

Simple Columnar epithelium

Stratified squamous epithelium

Stratified columnar epithelium

Simple cilated columnar epithelium

Glandular epithelium

Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium

Simple cuboidal epithelium

Stomach (Cardiac region)

Stomach (Composite)

Stomach (Fundic region)

Stomach (Pyloric region)

Sublingual gland

Submandibular gland

Submaxillary gland



Plate Zapping Kit


  • Arterial group "A"
  • Blood
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Lymphatic fluid
  • Lymphatic group "L"
  • Mixed white blood cells (WBC)
  • Tricalcium phosphate

Item #CTS 017 ~ $45.00


Additional Disclaimer


Additional Disclaimer: The bottle copies do not contain any of the substances or items listed on the label. The Bottle Copy contains water (H2O) only. This water has been subjected to a non-material process, similar to processes used to produce homeopathic remedies, which is believed by some researchers to imprint a subtle energy signature into the water. The presence of this signature cannot be confirmed by chemical or standard testing. No claim is made with regard to the effect of the reputed imprint. For experimental and research purposes only. For more on the theory of imprinting water, see the writings of Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph. D. and Dr. William A. Tiller, Ph. D. Although this item is mentioned in Dr Clark books we do not adopt her claims. We do not claim that any of the items we sell cure or treat any health conditions.

Shipping of Copies


 Though most of our shipments do not experience any problems, because of the potential for shipping damage Dr Clark has now issued new instructions on how to ship bottle copies.  We ship your bottles packaged in air bubble wrap first and then wrapped in aluminium foil.